Tuesday, 17 November 2020

The Definitive Guide to Whirl and Whirlette Combinations 2.0!

From the day we developed our popular Whirl yarns at Scheepjes, right up until now, Whirl has and continues to be one of my favourite yarn collections to date – what can I say, I love colour! 
Al vanaf de eerste dag dat we begonnen met het ontwikkelen van Scheepjes Whirl garens is Whirl altijd mijn favoriete garencollectie geweest. En weet je wat? Dat is het nog steeds! Ik hou gewoon erg van kleur!

From seeing all your fantastic creations in the Scheepjes groups and across social media, I’ve also come to the conclusion that Scheepjes fans really love colour too. You’ve been collecting these scrumptious yarn cakes over the years, re-winding the colourways to see how they look in reverse, snapping lovely pictures of them displayed in your craft spaces, and producing the most gorgeous projects with them.
Na het zien van al jullie fantastische creaties in de Scheepjes Facebookgroepen en op social media ben ik tot de conclusie gekomen dat ook Scheepjes fans enorm van kleur houden. De afgelopen jaren hebben jullie de verrukkelijke Whirl garencakes verzameld, in omgekeerde volgorde opnieuw opgewonden, gefotografeerd in de meest jaloersmakende craft-ruimtes en uiteraard omgetoverd tot prachtige items.

Die-hard fans will know that since Whirl launched back in March 2017, Scheepjes have expanded the range considerably, and that included launching Whirl’s sister yarn Whirlette in September that same year. At the time, I published my Definitive Guide to Whirl and Whirlette to showcase all the possible combinations.
De die-hard fans zullen weten dat sinds de lancering van Whirl in maart 2017 Scheepjes dit assortiment aanzienlijk heeft uitgebreid. Bovendien is in september van datzelfde jaar Whirls zustergaren Whirlette gelanceerd, destijds liet ik in mijn  Definitive Guide to Whirl and Whirlette alle mogelijke combinaties zien.

But through all the excitement for Whirl over the last few years, our Whirlette range has lagged a little behind, until today! With the launch of 25 new Whirlette colours, Scheepjes now offers at least one Whirlette to coordinate with every single Whirl colourway*.
Maar door al het enthousiasme voor Whirl is onze Whirlette collectie een beetje achtergebleven, tot vandaag! Met de lancering van 25 nieuwe Whirlette kleuren biedt Scheepjes nu tenminste één passende Whirlette bij iedere kleur Whirl *.

So, without further ado, I wish to present my Definitive Guide to Whirl and Whirlette 2.0! 
Ik presenteer daarom nu mijn Definitive Guide to Whirl and Whirlette 2.0!

*The Whirlette’s are matched to either the innermost or outermost (or both) shade(s) of Whirl colourways.
*De Whirlettes zijn afgestemd op de binnenste of buitenste (of beide) kleur(en) van Whirl.

Whirl Ombré & Whirlette

Whirl Aurora & Whirlette

Whirl & Whirlette



  1. So happy to see these new Whirlette colors -- I've been waiting for 890 all my life, haha.
    I do not see two of the new colors listed in the above post though: 871 Coulis and 889 Sage. I would love to know which Whirls match to 871 and 889. Thank you for this lovely resource!

    1. Hello Lavenderlizard - I'm thrilled you are so happy to see these colours, especially 890! Thank you for your question about Whirlette colours 871 and 889. Although there is now at least 1 Whirlette to match all Whirl colourways' inner or outermost shade, not all Whirlettes have a matching Whirl the other way around. These shades are 2 exceptions I'm afraid. They can of course be paired with many colourways (I particularly like Coulis with Fruity O Tutti) but not 'seamlessly'. Do let me know if you have any further questions :)

  2. What is the fiber content of the whirlette ?

    1. For the normal whirlette it's 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic. There's also a wooly whirlette that's 30% Wool, 70% Cotton.

    2. That's correct Mogwyne! You know your Scheepjes yarns well ;)

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  4. Can anyone tell me if the outside color of Whirl 753 (Slice 'O' Cherry Pie) is the same as the inside color of Whirl 789 (Tasty Nom Nom)? I wonder if they can be used seamlessly.

  5. Do you recommend any other Whirlette colorways for Whirl 767? I'm torn.

  6. Do you think Grappa Whirlette would go with Turkish Delight Whirl?

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