Lover of all textiles.

Simy is based in the Netherlands and works as a textile designer for a large yarn manufacturer and creative wholesaler. However, the lines between work and pleasure are very much blurred when your home life is filled with knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet and yarn too.

Some posts on this blog may be sponsored by manufacturers of a product, but all opinions are Simy's own.


  1. Hi Simy,
    Looking forward to your new blog.
    I can't wait to see your creativeness spilling over in here.
    Barbara Ward.

  2. Leuk om je blog te gaan volgen, al vanaf dat ik voor het eerst op de lagere school ( 1957 ) handwerkles kreeg, ben ik dol op breien ( en haken ), om van een bolletje wol/katoen "iets" te maken. Veel succes met je blog :-)

  3. Mijn moeder was altijd al bezig met breien en haken en al snel begon ik dit zelf te proberen. Nu wou het haken niet echt lukken maar toen ik 8 was breide ik mijn eerste trui. Nu ben ik 40 en heb het haken maar weer eens opgepakt en eindelijk. Het lukt! Ben benieuwd naar je inspiratie en mogelijkheden in je blog.

  4. Just found you today and am excited by what I see here! Thank you for sharing your designs and talents with us.
    I tried to sign up to subscribe, but when I clicked on "subscribe", the next page that popped up said this page does not seem to exist! I tried several times and had the same page pop up. I'd love to subscribe if I could

  5. Hello Simy!
    Do you have a free pattern for crocheting around stones to make a memory stone necklace? The idea is in the 2016 Scheepes Sea 1 issue.
    Thank you.

  6. Hello I just found your blog how do I sign up
    Thank you
    Kay Swanson Torrence